LingoLab Live is a real time sentence building game. More info here...

Teachers - Set up a new game for your students. You will first choose a word/picture list & game options. Then you’ll invite players to join by QR code or room number.
Players - Join your host's game by using their link, QR code or entering their 4-digit room number here:
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About Live.LingoLab.Online

Designed and developed by Paul Raine and Oliver Rose

Live.LingoLab.Online is an innovative and free web-based application that allows teachers to select a set of phrases or sentences and present it to a class of students as a real-time quiz game. A variety of game modes are available, including sentence and phrase translation, picture dictation, and even audio dictation.

Live.LingoLab.Online helps students to develop productive knowledge of target items, as they race against their classmates to input the correct sequence of words to form the target sentence or phrase.

Student progress is shown on the teacher’s display during gameplay to boost motivation. At the end of the game, the students are shown feedback on their own individual responses, and teachers are provided with feedback on whole-class understanding of the target items.

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